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Everything You Need To Know About WeChat Video Channel

WeChat Video Channel (微信视频号) is a short video feature launched by WeChat in 2020. The WeChat Channel is a platform that everyone can use to create and post content. Starting from June 2020, the monthly activity of the video account has exceeded 200 million. The WeChat Channel features four feeds based on the user’s followed accounts, content loved by friends on WeChat, trending content, and geo-localized content based on the user’s location. Because the WeChat Video Channel is fully connected to the entire WeChat ecosystem, which is completely different from the previous WeChat products and WeChat business models, it can connect people, content, and business, so that the official account, mini-program, Store and WeChat Video Channel can form a perfect union. What is really important is that, unlike the other WeChat products, It is a fully open platform. This means that videos and graphics are no longer only for WeChat friends or followers of the official account, but they can reach 1.2 billion WeChat users.

WeChat Channels (微信视频号)