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2021 Private Traffic Trends in China. What is it? Does your company need it?

Private traffic" (私域流量) was a buzzword in China's digital marketing sector in 2019. It has become even more popular in 2020 and 2021 as an increasing number of brands and live streamers have begun implementing this tactic. The reality is that private traffic always existed.

"Private traffic - said Lu Yishu, vice president of Dongbai Commercial - is not a new topic. Ten years ago, private traffic was done through SMS and phone calls, but the method, at that time was relatively simple".

Later, when the entire Internet technology became available, more and more channels could be used to identify and reach members. Let's start with something simple: What is private traffic? According to the definition of ParkLu

“The term “private traffic” refers to the ability to reach customers and drive sales via closed channels, private forums where brands otherwise might not be able to reach the consumer”.