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2021 Chinese influencers trends… and Tinder

Many brands are analyzing the way they connect with consumers. To help brands map out their strategies in China and get ahead of the curve, we have covered some Chinese influencer marketing trends of this year.

The rise of Middle-aged and elderly Internet users

The number of mobile Internet users continues to rise, and the epidemic has increased the growth of online activity among people aged 50 and up. The rise of silver-haired KOL (银发网红) creates new consumption scenarios. In the next five years, there will be an extra 100 million middle-aged and elderly Internet users. The rate of "short video" penetration among people over 50 will be 63.9%.

silver-haired KOL 银发网红


Live streaming content and regulation

Last year, in July, the China Advertising Association issued the first "Code of Conduct for Online Live Marketing", which comprehensively defines and regulates various roles and behaviors in live broadcast e-commerce. Thanks also to those policies, anchors are becoming more professional and there is more attention to the quality of the live content. The live broadcast is more informative, practical and interesting. Over 40% of live broadcasts focus on brand story, brand values and category knowledge. Live broadcasting is proving to be a powerful platform for long-term brand building and transmission of brand ideas.

chinese influencer kol koc influencer marketing


The growth of the virtual idol

According to the "2019 Virtual Idol Observation Report" released by iQiyi, there are 390 million people in the country who are following virtual idols. "Virtual + real" dual anchor mode can reduce brand costs and increase efficiency.


Keep loving your customers

Today's content marketing entails much more than just delivering and executing content in a simplistic and ineffective manner. In order to thrive in a rapidly evolving world, brands must remain close to customers, understand them, and devise appropriate strategies in line with their own brand tones.

chinese influencer


Multilevel influencer marketing

Make good use of "big names" and long-tail influencers (KOL-to-be and KOC). Maximize the KOL marketing strategy by mixing and matching them.

Multilevel chinese influencer marketing


Filter fake traffic

The total number of invalid KOL fans across the networks in 2020, according to data from the China Advertising Association, is 60.5%. Data falsification and 水军横行 (people paid to comments, like, rate, share and even delete others comments) are a big challenge in influencer marketing in China.

In support of those kinds of fraud activities there are not only companies that provide the services but also electric devices to “help” with the job.

Maybe it's better to use these kinds of devices in a more creative way...


Do you need help with your influencer plan in China? Contact us.

Sources: Miaozhen System “2021 KOL Marketing White Paper”, CCTV, SOHU, China Advertising Association, iQiyi.

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