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"Let them speak about you"​. Social Cloud mission is to offer creative solutions to meet your marketing and communication needs. We are specialize in public relations, branding, marketing, paid media, transmedia, social content, graphic design. Social Cloud brings your unique vision to reality. We focus on the following market: China, UK and USA, with a specific and unique approach to the Chinese market, its influencers, media, and social media (Wechat and Weibo in particular).
Our distinguishing integration of PR, social media and marketing mix helps provide a competitive edge to the client. Our role is simple: to educate target audiences and move them to act. Reaching the consumer is not good enough, you must inspire. It is our approach to the work — and the way in which we partner with our clients — that truly differentiates us from the competition. We are your biggest ambassadors and best sales people. We are unique in that not only are we specialists in the industry of food and fashion, but we are also business people – we look at all PR and Marketing activities with a business hat on. We offer a full range of marketing and communications services tailored to a client’s business objectives. From strategic message development to ensure all content is on-target, to speaking and media opportunities that promote executive visibility and build thought leadership, from creating innovative promotions to find the perfect partner for cross marketing, we work to get the word out in a way that highlights what is different, innovative, and authentic and can attract the client. We specialize in international and domestic Public Relations, Social Media, Reputation Management, Direct Response Marketing, product launches, press conferences and press release. Our team pitches and books media coverage on regional, national and International TV, radio, newspaper, magazine and websites.