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WeChat And WeCom Updates: What Are The New Features?

Once in a while WeChat and all the products connected to it release important updates that are not just minor bug fixing. Yesterday WeChat and WeCom (the business tool of WeChat) released some important updates in iOS 8.0.8 (today they also released version 8.0.9 but no new functions are available, the official update claims that some known issues have been solved). Let’s check them out.


1. Customer Moments

Before the update, 3 Moments content can be published every day, but the sent Moments content can only appear in the customer’s Moments information stream. When a client visits a *member’s personal information page after the update, he can see the Moments and study the member’s content history. This can assist the business in displaying product introduction, event details, and so on.

2. Video Channel

Binding the company’s Video Channel is now supported. After binding, it can be set to display on the *members’ personal information pages, allowing more WeChat consumers to see the company’s Channel and learn about its dynamics.

wechat update wecom video channel wechat video influencer

3. Customer Group

All the *members of the group now can use @All to tag all the customers inside a Customer Group.

4. Group template function

In order to improve the efficiency of community operations and services, enterprise WeChat has added a group template function.

5. Attachment in the welcome message

Personal greetings and group welcome messages now support sending attachments.

6. Form Improved

-The form can be made anonymous to expedite data gathering.

-To display only legitimate data, you can eliminate any single collection result from the form computation.

7. WeDoc Improved

-You may browse linked forms on your phone and immediately initiate or associate form data.

-Filtered views let you filter or sort data, as well as conceal or freeze rows and columns, without affecting your coworkers.

-The row and column of a certain cell can be highlighted.

-You may read documents and forms in landscape mode.

8. The invitation of new customers to group chats can be revoked.

9. When searching group chats or chat history, you can enter multiple keywords.

10. New templates

Group names, Group Welcome Messages, and other settings can be configured as templates, allowing *members to apply them to client groups in bulk, increasing service efficiency.

11. Adding external contacts to the blacklist

After added, they will no longer receive messages from the other party.

*The term member is referring to the member of the company of the WeCom account.

WeChat (personal account, only iOS)

1. WeChat alert tone

WeChat has added 7 new tones in the 8.0.8 version-building blocks, toys, cupid, celestial, delight, crystals, fairy, and elegance (user customization is not currently supported).

WeChat alert tone wechat update

2. Incoming call ringtone

Users can use their favorite songs as ringtones for incoming calls by searching for them. Additionally, you can create custom ringtones for certain WeChat pals.

wechat update wechat ringtone bts

3. Follow specific people in groups

Block group messages but can follow specific group members. Even if the group is mute when these members send group messages, the person who is following them will receive a reminder without being affected by the rest of the group (this function is not available when there are enterprise WeChat users in the group).

wechat update wechat group follow wechat

4. Collapse pinned chat

When the number of pinned chats in WeChat reaches 7, a “fold top chat” button will appear to hide those chats temporarily. As long as the user receives a new message from a pinned chat, the corresponding chat box will reappear at the top of the chat page. This function is only for personal chat, you cannot fold groups.

5. Voice call interface

The prompt interface of the friend’s voice call has changed from a full screen to a top banner, and you can click to restore the full screen.

wechat update voice call interface wechat

6. Help friends freeze WeChat

Once a friend’s WeChat account is stolen or his phone is lost, another person can help the friend freeze the WeChat account to prevent the privacy of the friend from leaking, the funds being stolen, and the friend from being scammed.

7. WeChat status can be set to QQ music

Users only need to select a song on the QQ music APP and click to share to “WeChat status”.

wechat update qq music tao

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