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WeChat And WeCom Updates: What Are The New Features?

Once in a while WeChat and all the products connected to it release important updates that are not just minor bug fixing. Yesterday WeChat and WeCom (the business tool of WeChat) released some important updates in iOS 8.0.8 (today they also released version 8.0.9 but no new functions are available, the official update claims that some known issues have been solved). Let’s check them out.


1. Customer Moments

Before the update, 3 Moments content can be published every day, but the sent Moments content can only appear in the customer’s Moments information stream. When a client visits a *member’s personal information page after the update, he can see the Moments and study the member’s content history. This can assist the business in displaying product introduction, event details, and so on.

2. Video Channel

Binding the company’s Video Channel is now supported. After binding, it can be set to display on the *members’ personal information pages, allowing more WeChat consumers to see the company’s Channel and learn about its dynamics.