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September 5th Asian Marketing News Of The Day

September 5th #Asian #Marketing #News Of The Day:

In #China, 60% of both #GenZ and #millennials say they want to minimize their diet's negative #environmental impact, and nearly half of both generations always shop for local food. The food and #beverage consumption of Chinese Generation Z is gradually inclined towards health and quality, and "low fat, low calorie, low sugar" has become an attractive label.

According to CBNData’s 2022 Chinese Consumer Survey, warehouse membership stores have become third in consumers’ preference for offline channel consumption.

Across #APAC, Gen Z is aware of #sustainable consumption behaviors, and, like millennials, they prefer eco-friendly products and #ethical fashion. This attitude is also evident in #Japan, where 54% of Gen Zers seek sustainably produced clothing.

Generation Z in APAC has an overwhelmingly high viewing volume on video platforms such as #YouTube and #TikTok, which affects how they choose brands and products. Around 70% of Gen Zers say they have the opportunity to learn about new brands through video-based social media. #Video content influences the Gen Z brand perception and actual #purchasing decisions.

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