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GQ: the most profitable Wechat official account in China

On WeChat last year, GQ 实验室 published about 280 articles with over 100K views, collaborated with over 200 brands and earned 200 million+ RMB, becoming China’s top-earning account.

On March 1, GQ magazine China’s official WeChat account GQ Lab (GQ实验室) published the article “That night, he hurt him”. It was a series of comic strips in a black-humour cynical tone. It turned out to be a huge success: the article received more than 10,000 likes and created high social exposure for MINI, the advertiser.

What is GQ recipe for success?

Kantar Media CIC Viewpoint

1. Less is more

When attention is getting increasingly scarce, everyone is a goldfish (with only 7 seconds of memory). Brands need to seize the tiniest window of opportunity to capture their interest with the best possible quality content.

2. Choose publish timing when the targeted audience is socially active

Open, read and engagement are more likely to happen when users are available and ready to be “disturbed”.

3. Spice up dry content with humor or sarcasm

Brands may find it difficult to produce “in-depth” contents for promotional purposes, however, comic-strips and sarcasm style could equally powerful tool to impress audiences. The more open-minded brands are, the readier they are to embrace Internet linguistics, the more popular they will be on social media.

The value of content has never changed. - Zhang Quanling, the founding managing partner of Zi Niu Fund - It’s three points, interesting, useful, and meaningful. We can grasp certain variables".

What is the trend for 2019 for the Wechat official accounts?

Standardization, this is one of the trends mentioned in the 2019 Annual Content Entrepreneurship Report. From the platform side is asked to actively implement the contents, avoiding poor quality and encouraging quality original content.

Source of the article: Kantar, 刺猬公社

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