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Consumer Generation Series: Generation Z

Generation Z refers to people born between 1995–2009. According to QuestMobile data, as of November 2020, the number of internet active users of Gen Z after 1995 and 00 has reached 320 million. Generation Z grew up in an era of unprecedented technological change. They were born with the commercialization of the Internet. They are true “the first generation of Internet aborigines”. Since the growth of this group of people is greatly influenced by the Internet, and the economic conditions are generally better than those of their parents, the online consumption of Generation Z presents different characteristics from the previous generations: preference for sociality, daring to try new things, delighting themselves, etc. The philosophy that Generation Z pursues is “everyone is unique and should be accepted.” This is reflected in their way of consumption: Generation Z has very strong individual needs and they have spending power. According to the 2020 statistics of Tencent Licaitong, the average monthly salary of the post-95s generation was almost over 10,000 yuan.

Gen Z and KOL