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August 31st Asian Marketing News Of The Day

Although China is the second-largest health product market in the world, the industry penetration rate is meager, only about 20%, while Japan is 40%. Chinese spend around 39 euros per year on healthy food.

According to the latest "2022 Tea Drinks Report," in China, the sales of lemon tea products in 2021 had a year-on-year increase of around 400%. In 2022, although the growth rate of lemon tea sales is slowing down, the year-on-year growth rate will not be less than 130%.

As of July 2022, Korean shopping app users were 56.3% female and 43.7% male, with the most significant number of users in their 40s (26.9%). Social commerce, second-hand, home shopping, and mart are the most used shopping apps.

E-commerce growth in Southeast Asia stands out more than in any other region. The area is expected to experience a 20.6% expansion in 2022. The top countries are the Philippines and Indonesia, while Vietnam accounts for 15% market share.

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