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August 30th Asian Marketing News Of The Day

August 30th #Asian #Marketing #News Of The Day:

According to iiMedia Research, China's bicycle market will exceed 200 billion yuan in 2022, reaching 265.67 billion yuan in 2027. The consumption data on multiple platforms also clearly reflects the popularity of the cycling market. From the perspective of the age group, the post-90s and post-95s have unusual enthusiasm for cycling. From the standpoint of regions, Hebei's overall sales growth led the country, with an increase of 342%.

Staying up late and drinking water with herbs is the new trend among Chinese GenZ, blowing into the health care product market. According to the "China Health and Wellness Big Data Report," the current health and wellness market has exceeded one trillion yuan. The average urban resident spends more than 1,000 yuan yearly on health and wellness.

In Korea, YouTube Shorts (58.2%) and Instagram Reels (28.1%) are preferred by Millennials and Gen Z more than TikTok (13.7%).

The most cited reason for watching YouTube shorts is 'because it is convenient to watch videos with subtitles, and you can use double speed (42.2%)'. For Instagram releases, there is a lot of new content and convenient video viewing' (38.8%). For TikTok, a lot of unique content (46.2%)'.

In Japan, at drugstores, sales of Lactobacillus beverages increased by 48.6% year-on-year, the highest growth rate. Also, in supermarkets, the sale of those drinks is increasing. They are in third place (33% increase) after Dessert no Moto and salad oil.

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