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August 29th Asian Marketing News Of The Day

August 29th #Asian #Marketing #News Of The Day

In China, Frisbees and #surfskates are the new blacks. According to the "2022 Youth Trendy Sports Report", over 90% of young people are interested in popular trendy sports. Frisbee and surf skate have become the two most popular. From January to July 2022, the products related to the Frisbee category have increased. Frisbee has become a "must-play item" for middle-class and young people in first- and second-tier cities, while post-95s and 00s and middle-aged people are trying surf skate.

The "2022 China #Coffee Industry Market Status and Development Trend Analysis" pointed out that the consumption level of third- and fourth-tier cities are constantly improving, and the number of cafés is gradually increasing. According to statistics from the International Coffee Organization in #London, China's coffee consumption is growing at a rate of 15-20% every year, far higher than the global average rate of 2%. It has become the world's largest coffee consumption market. However, #Chinese consumers' coffee habits and taste preferences differ from those in foreign countries.

As a result of the rising prices in #Thailand, consumers are changing their purchasing behavior in contrast to stable incomes. Shopping for promotional items and online purchasing are 2 of the most popular ways for #Thai #consumers to adjust. They will likely continue to use #onlineshopping and food delivery services in the future due to the convenience, speed, and prices.

The sheer amount of time spent by Filipino consumers, especially younger generations, on social networking platforms makes social commerce one of the fastest-growing trends in the Philippines. The #socialcommerce GMV in the country will increase from US$681.6 million in 2022 to US$2,744.5 million by 2028.

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