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August 22nd: Asian Marketing News Of The Day

According to the "2022 Kuaishou Beauty Industry Data Report", the number of Kuaishou (Chinese video-sharing app) beauty video content in the past year has shown an overall growth trend. Among them, the average number of users who watch beauty videos and live-streaming daily is nearly 60 million, a yearly increase of 92.2%. In the first quarter of this year, Kuaishou's e-commerce beauty and personal care GMV increased 30.6% yearly.

Douyin issued a public notice on the new "Commodity Quality Sub-Specification." Those rules apply to beauty, food, clothing, shoes and bags, parent-child life, consumer electronics, home, wine/nutrition and health care, jewelry, luxury, personal care, fresh flowers, fresh food, automobiles, and other industries. High-quality/good products will have the opportunity to obtain traffic; the higher the quality score, the greater the traffic weight. The level of the quality score will also affect cooperation possibilities.

According to a recent survey, only 1 out of 10 people experienced Metaverse in Korea. 82% of respondents said they had heard of Metaverse or knew it well, but 10% said they had experienced it. The most experienced Metaverse games were ZEPETO, followed by Minecraft and Roblox.

Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam top the list of countries consuming pearl milk tea in Southeast Asia. The trend of bubble milk tea across Southeast Asia has brought huge revenue of up to $3.7 billion a year.

According to statistics, Vietnamese people spend about 362 million USD a year. Vietnam's milk tea market has an annual growth rate of about 20%. It is ranked second in popularity with 23%; most customers are women (53%) and young people from 15 to 22 years old (35%).

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