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August 19th: Asian Marketing News Of The Day

#Asian #Marketing #News Of The Day:

Xiaohongshu data shows that there are as many as 30 million posts about dressing. In the first half of 2022, the search for clothing content on the APP increased by 53.42% year-on-year. At the same time, 87% of consumers search for content related to shopping decisions on Xiaohongshu, and 94% of users buy clothing, shoes, and hats at least once a quarter. At present, more than 6,000 well-known clothing brands have settled in Xiaohongshu.

Tencent announced its second-quarter 2022 financial report. The total usage time of the video channel exceeded 80% of the actual usage time of Moments. The entire video playback volume of the video channel increased by more than 200% year on year, and the video playback volume based on AI recommendations increased by more than 400% year on year.

According to Impact Peoples' research on hair loss prevention shampoos for young adults in Korea, more than 8 out of 10 young adults have experience using hair loss prevention shampoo.

Clean Beauty is a new market trend in Thailand. The term means a beauty product that is clean and safe for users' health and environmentally friendly. In the past years, Thai consumers have chosen what is geared towards quality and have more purchasing power. They are no longer loyal to a particular brand. Therefore, brands and products need to be constantly modified and adapted.

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