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August 11th: Asian Marketing News Of The Day

#Asian #Marketing #News Of The Day:

Weibo Anime announced the Virtual Star Growth Play project intending to cultivate and support virtual idol IPs. Weibo, which has nearly 300 virtual idols from almost 70 organizations and companies, will allow these idols to interact directly with hundreds of millions of users via social media platforms, extend their life cycle through diverse content, and develop crossover collaborations and business opportunities.

In China, the number of people with hair loss issues has exceeded 250 million, of which about 163 million are men. Among them, young users have become the primary consumers of anti-hair loss products.

The purchase penetration rate of anti-hair loss shampoo is nearly 70%, and the market size of China's anti-hair loss shampoo is increasing yearly, with an average annual growth rate of more than 10%. In the past three years, the consumption scale of online hair loss prevention products has grown by 40%. According to the market research and consulting company, Ipsos's size of the Chinese hair health market in 2030 may exceed 200 billion yuan.

According to the latest consumer research by Mintel, 77% of Thai people eat crispy snacks to reward themselves. And that number rose to 81% in the 25-34 age group. Consumption of crispy snacks certified by external organizations, like getting a nutrition badge “Healthy Choices,” is preferred by 77% of Thai consumers.

According to a new study by Oracle and Gretchen Rubin, 56% of people in APAC will never feel connected to a brand that doesn’t make them smile or laugh, and 49% will stop using it to make them smile or laugh at all. 91% want brands to “Make it more fun,” above all GenZ (95%) and Millennials (95%).

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