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Social Cloud China, Italian PR and marketing company based in China, as part of a commercial expansion will open a new branch in Italy (Catania), on March 2017. The Italian company will represent a new marketing and communication benchmark for Italian brand in Asia and Asian brands and not in Italy, with the support, for import and export and sale offline and online of the business development company L3 with branches in Milan, Florence, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

The company was formed in China in 2014 by Italian journalist Ambra Schillirò (daughter of the late journalist Nuccio Schillirò) and the Milanese entrepreneurs Mattia Visconti and Marco Bettio, already owners of an events agency in China and several Italian restaurants in Asia. In China, the Marketing and PR company stood out, along with the sister event company MVP, for communication in gastronomy and fashion field. Among past and present customers and partners we can find Lucano, Levi’s, Peuterey, Outback, Celine B., Out of X, 10 Corso Como, Fatburger and Uber China. The aims of the Italian company will be to lead and promote the Made in Italy in Asia and to import and promote foreign brand in Italy.

The motto of Social Cloud is “let them talk about you”. As in China, even in the Italian branch, Social Cloud will focus on young people. The opening in Sicily of the new branch is not by coincidence. The Sicilian co-founder of Social Cloud, Ambra Schillirò, wants to continue the work begun by his father in giving space to young people and to create new jobs. Today Social Cloud, after creating in March 2016 the free platform “China Fashion Group”, dedicated (and accessible) only to professionals of the fashion industry, is ready for the new challenge in Italy.


China +8613761027404

Ita. +39345386338


L3 lab, a company founded by Francesca Filippone, sinologist entrepreneur for 12 years in China, already founder of Yilu consulting, and Lapo Tanzj, consultant in corporate reorganization and founding partner of Lama Agency. L3 is specialized in business development and market strategy for Asia, with focus in the F & B, fashion and the medical sector. Among its customers, Lucan, Sem, Tassoni, Zanoni, Shuler wine and various wineries, along with numerous distributors and Chinese authorities. “If it were easy, everyone would do it!” This is the sentence that started the project five years ago.

Website –


Ita. +393332448414

China +8613736590522

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