New originals and useful APPs in China you don't know they exist

In China the market is now flooded with such a variety of apps (some of them pretty eccentric) that is almost impossible to have all of them or to know that some of them even exist. Some applications are already here, but they are just not so famous or they are still in beta testing, so if you are not lukcy enough to be one of the tester, you need to wait a little bit longer to get them. Today we discover 5 free new APP for you.


1) The creator of the APP is a young french guy of 20 years old, Pierre Terroitin, still going to school, that, at some point of his life, thought to create everything that a new comer, a tourist or a friend that is visiting really need.

How did you come up with the idea of this APP?

"I came in China a few time and went a lot to fake market each time - said Pierre - I had a really nice time bargaining and finding some cheap souvenirs I could offer to my friends. I noticed that some foreigners and some of my friends just arriving would spend some huge amount of money in fake markets since they had no experience of bargaining and no idea of the right price. That's when I decided I would create a tool to help people not being ripped off in fake and try to make them enjoy their time there. It took me a lot of time of visiting different markets, searching and asking for the best price of each item".

The application contain :

- A detailed price list of what you should pay in the market.

- A tool to convert RMB into your currency.

- Some basics bargaining vocabulary words prounounced by real natives (thanks to Wang Miaojie).

- All the informations you need to go to Shanghai fake markets.

- Some advices to avoid getting ripped off

The application is available just in Android.

Will the APP be available on IOS in the near future?

"No, I have no skill in IOS device, but if an IOS developer is interesting in doing it he can contact me and I will help him and give him my work, I won't ask any copyright on the APP".

So for all the IOS developers here Pierre's email address:

Here the link to download the APP:


2) This is a social fashion platform that allows users to actively make and engage in new social connections with other users, stylists / consultants, and celebrities, access current fashion news and blogs for tips and inspirations, hire in-app stylists / consultants for expert advice and shopping assistance, and engage in fun in-app fashion contests. Its genuine purpose is to help individuals become more stylish, fashionable, and self-confident.

How did you come up with the idea of this APP?

"In 2007, I had an idea to create a fashion app - explain Todd Okimoto, CEO of the APP company WECARE- to help females make better decisions regarding wear, purchase, and style decisions by improving the quality of feedback. In September 2014, I placed 2nd in an invention competition sponsored by British Technologies. It was through these experiences that I realized that the idea had some merit, which started me down the path of forming a team, developing the product, and acquiring interested and qualified partners. I was intent on making a genuine social platform focused on helping individuals, not one merely focused on pushing products to users".

The application contain :

***Fashion Inspirations***

  1. Fashion blogs and news

  2. Check out trending and hot daily items

  3. Visit other user closets, check out ratings and comments, make new social connections and friends

***Fashion Advice***

  1. Virtual closet organizer, check out ratings and messages from other users

  2. Solicit ratings and advice from friends, fashion pros, upcoming celebrities

  3. Monitor Fashion Rank among different worlds

***Fashion Stardom & Rewards***