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August 26th Asian Marketing News Of The Day

Social media Xiaohongshu, Douyin, Kuaishou, Weibo, and BiliBili have become the primary sources of information for Chinese Gen Z for tourism destinations. The three most important factors before traveling are budget, transportation, and safety issues. 56% of Gen Z prefer independent travel to group or themed tours.

According to Douyin, the down jackets sales in China are mainly concentrated in October-January, peaked in December, and began to gain momentum at the end of September and early October. In terms of price, the overall price band of down jackets is 200–500 RMB.

Korean Facebook’s monthly users decreased by 25% for the first time in over two years. Teenagers who use Facebook are looking for alternatives because of the strong perception that the platform is a ‘middle-aged social media.

This year Thai Millennials returned to be the champion of Internet use and dominate Thailand’s “online shoppers” category (88.36%). Live Commerce ranked in the TOP 5 popular online Thai activities. The people who watch e-commerce live streaming the most are Millennials, 64.65%, with females watching more than males.

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