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Marketing and pr director

Ambra Schillirò was born and grew up in Catania, Italy. She worked in her first newspaper and in her first television when she was 18 years old.  Her articles and tv news appear in a lot of magazines, newspapers and TV station in Italy and China. She has been the host of different shows, launch events and press conferences in China. Professional member of the Italian Journalist Association from 2002. Member of USSI (Italian journalist sport association) from 2006, President of the Sicilian Association in China and Vice President of the Italian Association in Shanghai. In China, after working for different economic newspaper she started to help other companies with media relation, press conference, social media and general press office. On the 2014 she founded the marketing and public relation company Social Cloud.
Specialties: Marketing, media, PR, social media

Co- Founder

Mattia Visconti was born and grew up in Milan, Italy. He is an international promoter, event organizer, club and restaurant owner. He places a particular focus on his creative edge and on his ability to think “outside the box”. On 2009 he founded in China the event company MVP. Replay, Dolce & Gabbana, Martini Bar, Lippo Tower , MHD , Bacardi, , Pernord Ricard Group, Asmallworld, Langham Hotel,The Peninsula, Park hyatt, Shangri-La, Peuterey, Asti and Gucci are some of MVP's partners and clients. Before moving to China he organized events and became club owner in Milan and Ibiza (Spain). On 2013 he started a new adventure in Philippine, Boracay, opening the restaurant and lounge A Playa. In 2014 he founded the marketing and PR company Social Cloud.

Specialties: Events organization, management, operation, restaurants

Event manager

Specialties: Organization, sponsorship, Social Media, operation

Office manager

Specialties: Promotions, Social Media, Media, financial management

Pr executive

Specialties:  Events organization, sales, press release, operation

Marketing and pr assistant

Specialties:  Listings, translations, marketing research

Marketing manager

Specialties:  media relation, Cross Promotion,Translation, blogging.

Co- Founder

Ahmed Araour was born and grew up in Tunis,Tunisia. After graduating from high school, he moved to Hong kong where he started a Bachelor degree in business administration. He moved to Shanghai 2 years ago to start his professional life. Fluent in Arabic, French and English, he got experiences in Hong Kong, Tunis and Shanghai, in marketing, PR, Sales and finance for textile companies and restaurants. He starts working for Social Cloud in the second half of 2015.

Zoe Yan was born and grew up in China. After graduating from university in Nanchang, she moved to Shanghai to seek her life career and find herself belongs to PR and marketing. Fluent in Chinese, English and Japanese, and got experience in marketing, PR, Sales and finance for trading company, and restaurants. She starts working for Social Cloud since 2016. Specialties: Organization, sponsorship, Social Media, Media, operation.

Kamela Terolli was born and grew up in Albania, after graduating from high school, she moved to Beijing where she continued her studies in International Trade. During that time she gained experience working part time with trading firm in South China interacting with international customers. With a background in fashion she gained experience in fashion shows, events, networking, marketing and PR. She started to work for Social Cloud in April 2016 .

Hailey Cai was graduated from East China Normal University. After rich exchange experiences from home and abroad, she chose to stay in her hometown China to seek her life career as a teacher. After a year, she realized her real interest related to PR & marketing. With fluent English and Chinese skill, as well as listing and marketing research experiences, she starts working for Social Cloud since 2016.

Apple Wei was born is Taiwan, and she is currently working in Shanghai. She was a student major in social work which had given her many opportunities to practise event/activity planning and researching skills while she was still in university. Fluent in English, traditional and simplified Chinese. After that she started to work in marketing and communication area for several companies, including fashion and f&b companies. She organized several press conferences and some theme fairs in Shanghai and outside. In Social Cloud from the beginning of 2015.

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